What impact does a pregnant woman have on her fetus?

The mothers will know during pregnancy on fetal cold will be affected, but pregnant cold what is the impact on the fetus, in general, viral through maternal placenta, directly to the fetus, so the mother once exposed to viral infection, the fetus will also suffer the invasion of virus, and colds are caused by viral infection, so the baby will catch a cold with mom.

In the later stages of pregnancy, the effects of cold are not as severe as the heart development of the fetus has gradually stabilized and the volume has gradually increased, and the effect of cold on the fetus is almost the least. But if a serious cold, even after the middle of pregnancy, a long period of high fever and lack of appetite, will hinder the development of the fetus in utero. By the end of pregnancy, severe coughing is rare, but it can easily cause premature rupture of the water and even premature birth.


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