What should a pregnant woman do with a cold?

1, in addition to find the first pregnant cold have a fever have a fever etiology, for pregnant women, moderate fever is necessary, the mother often have a fever increase rate and will also The new supersedes the old., with many uncomfortable symptoms such as headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, palpitations, and dehydration, increased heart and lung function in pregnant women the burden.

So to choose a moderate fever, in general, if the pregnant woman’s temperature not more than 38.5 degrees Celsius, and no obvious symptoms, we can consider using physical methods to help the fever ice pillow, radiating patch, such as clean water with warm towel repeatedly brush in the armpits and groin, forehead ice bag etc.. Etc..

2, the use of antipyretics to try to do, when to consider using drugs, but if the temperature is It differs from man to man., above 38.5 degrees Celsius above and accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms, it can be considered under the guidance of a doctor to use drugs, otherwise it will damage the fetus.

3, must be special that is caused by the pathogen itself have a fever on the maternal and fetal harm, is more important than to have a fever, so that pregnant women have a fever, it is important to find out the cause, have a fever than simple fever to an antidote against the disease, the more important. The prognosis should be good for both mother and fetus if it is caused by a common cold.

Special note: if not burn alone is not too serious, you can first use the antipyretic paste, drink plenty of boiled water, must be hot. Don’t take medicine


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