Can mammary gland hyperplasia change to breast cancer?

Hyperplasia of the breast is a very common gynecological disease, but some women are afraid of breast hyperplasia can become breast cancer, I wonder if this concern is correct?

Experts answer: Generally speaking, breast hyperplasia most of them will not become cancerous. There are a lot of different pathological types of breast hyperplasia canceration possibility of different pathological types are different, such as breast hyperplasia type after 1-3 years of time will naturally disappear; and the risk of breast cancer. About 1% below; cystic hyperplasia of breast cancer, the possibility of a larger, at about 3%-4%, at present think of many types of breast epithelial hyperplasia, especially atypical hyperplasia of mammary gland epithelial hyperplasia, cystic canceration probability.

However, clinical data show that women with breast hyperplasia are 3~5 times more likely to develop cancer than normal subjects. Mammary gland hyperplasia is divided into two big kinds: early for simple hyperplasia, late for cystic hyperplasia, III grade cystic hyperplasia can cause 1/3 breast cancer, in the mammary gland hyperplasia period, the disease should be much easier to treat!


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