Four points for attention in treatment of hyperplasia of mammary glands

Mammary gland hyperplasia is one of the most common female diseases, and most women suffer from it because of anxiety. Doctor’s suggestion is, treats the mammary gland proliferation, must adjust the good mood, the good mood is mammary gland proliferation treats one of best methods.

1, to maintain a comfortable mood, emotional stability. If the mood is not stable, can inhibit ovarian ovulation function, but also can increase estrogen, leading to breast hyperplasia.

2 avoid using estrogen containing creams and medications. Some women in order to skin beauty, long-term use of estrogen cream, so that estrogen levels in vivo relative high, long time can induce breast hyperplasia.

3, in addition, people suffering from other gynecological diseases are also prone to breast disease, such as menstrual cycle disorders, patients with adnexal inflammation and so on, the incidence of breast hyperplasia in patients with uterine fibroids is relatively high. Therefore, the active prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases is also an important link to reduce the breast hyperplasia induced factors.

4, pregnancy and lactation is the normal function of the female body, the breast function is a kind of physiological regulation, therefore, timely marriage, breastfeeding is beneficial to breast; on the contrary, above 30 years old unmarried or lactating women less prone to breast hyperplasia. In addition, maintain the harmonious life of husband and wife, the law of life, can eliminate the factors that are detrimental to breast health.


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