What is a safe and healthy method of contraception?

Women, like men, crave natural sex, hoping not to wear condoms. Healthy and natural sexual life is also the sweetest thing in love life, but because of the responsibility of pregnancy and production falls on women, they want more secure and safe sex life.

The present science has prepared a complete set of theories for this, that is, natural contraception. But the natural contraceptive method requires the woman to participate actively and actively, and its accuracy is restricted by many subjective and objective factors. It may fail, so the general medical expert will not recommend it.

But if you have an unusual relationship with your girlfriend, you can try to finish your healthy, natural sexual life with her in 100% when she is sure she is safe. What is natural contraception?

Natural contraception is the recommended method of contraception is a reproductive physiological function, does not disturb the people completely harmless to human body, it is not taking the pill, no tools, but by the women of childbearing age through the cervical mucus and their vulva to determine ovulation, grasp the good life to date, use the time difference and sperm the eggs can not be met, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception. The method of natural contraception is simple and convenient, the contraceptive effect is reliable, and it avoids the disadvantages of using contraceptives, contraceptive tools or surgery, so it is favored by people.

This method is based on the periodic changes of cervical mucus secretion, secretion by women I feel and observed, each menstrual cycle is divided into a period of dry wet period a dry period, the wet period (leucorrhea and more thin) is possible during pregnancy, especially the day secretion shows egg white clear, transparent, high elasticity, drawing long, is probably the most likely to conceive during ovulation. Therefore, on the day before and after each 3 days, strictly prohibit sexual life, so that contraceptive purposes can be achieved. This method is also known as the “safe period” method, but it is different from the previous method of ovulation calculation.

Using this method to be cautious, generally after 3 months of training and observation, we can grasp the regularity of cervical mucus secretion, the proper use of this method, as long as the parties to cooperate closely, the contraceptive effect is reliable, efficiency up to 98%.


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