Diet + = ovarian maintenance maintenance secret

The ovary is the unique female organs of women after the age of 30, entered a period of decline of ovarian function, premature ovarian failure is caused by the root cause in a series of changes. Ovarian function improved, essentially solves the female aging related.

Endocrine regulation by ovarian maintenance,, the internal environment tends to be stable. With the decrease of the male hormone, estrogen secretion, chloasma, acne skin to make internal and external.

In addition, body fat, breast ptosis and other symptoms of modern life and work pressure and other factors will lead to decreased ovarian function. A clear sign of ovarian function decline is the reduction of estrogen, and then bring the body fat quickly, breast ptosis, waist and abdomen, buttocks, thighs drooping prominent thickening and so on.

The ovary stimulate their estrogen secretion, emotional stability and reduce the pressure, maintain a good attitude, and make the breast enlargement, waist and abdomen appears graceful outline.

How to maintain the ovary? Next, the women’s health network Xiaobian to introduce two ovarian maintenance recipe for reference at home:

Paul nutrition recipes of ovary

1, [] boiled pork ribs of soybean

Material: Pork Chop 500 grams, a bean, jujube 10, rice 20 grams, ginger, salt amount.

Approach: the Pork Chop head wash, chop block, soya bean, jujube, ginger wash, wash rice wrapped with gauze, made of charge. In a pot of water, with the fire boil, add spareribs, beans, jujube, ginger and charge, simmer for 2 hours, take charge, add salt to taste it.

Efficacy: this dish with Qi, nourishing blood, dredging collaterals, suitable for blood weak women, while women can also increase the elasticity of the skin.

2 red dates, lotus seed paste []

Material: red dates (to core) 15 grams, 15 grams of lotus meat, beans 50 grams, 50 grams of sugar, water amount

Practice: soybeans soaked 6-16 hours, lotus meat to weak, will wash red dates and lotus seed meat, soybeans are filled in the LB Soybean Milk machine cover, the cup body by adding water, start the machine Soybean Milk, ten minutes Soybean Milk cooked hot, into the cup body by adding sugar, stir well serve; not willing to drink the sweet also can not add sugar.

Efficacy: Nourishing Qi, nourishing blood, tonifying spleen and stomach, detoxification.

3, [] soybean pigtail soup

Material: 50 grams of soy, pigtail 1, angelica 4 money, Astragalus 2 money

Practice: clean soybeans to soak for a night or 8 hours standby. Pigtail in boiling water hot smell out, and other materials together into the pot, add water to cover the surface of the food, stew until cooked soft can. The amount of salt can be added before eating.

To ovarian maintenance six coup

1, taking vitamin C and vitamin E

Studies have pointed out that if the female daily intake of 90 mg of vitamin C and 30 mg of vitamin E, the probability of developing ovarian cancer can be reduced to 50%. This can be obtained through the diet, but if ovarian has been in an unhealthy state, this is not enough to protect the health of the ovary, also should consult a doctor to get the right amount of drugs to supplement.

2, eat high calcium foods

Women eat more high calcium foods can protect ovarian health, reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer, but also strong bones, make the body more strong.

3, eat more foods containing folic acid

Containing water soluble vitamin B folic acid, eat this kind of food can greatly reduce the risk of ovarian diseases. Green vegetables and citrus fruits and whole grains are rich in folic acid, women should eat this kind of food.

4, quit smoking less alcohol

Smoking and drinking itself affect the health, if women smoking and drinking will affect ovarian health, excess is likely to cause endocrine disorders, ovarian atrophy.

5, maintain a good attitude

The pressure is too large to cause insomnia, endocrine disorders, immune dysfunction, metabolic disorders, the acid deposition caused by cancer in vivo. In addition, the pressure will lead to mental stress, toxic fire invagination, seriously affected the health of ovary. Therefore, keeping a good mood is very important

6, the law of life

To form a good living law, it is best not to play all night or night operations, the shape to keep the body in a regular, ovarian health will also be guaranteed.


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