Our spirit is really effect you where to have sell?

Harmonious couple life not only meets the physiological needs of both sides, but also promotes the feelings of husband and wife. But most women, after having children, have found that their elastic little private parts have become less stressed, which has created a great deal of trouble for married life.

In order to restore the elasticity of postpartum and enhance the sexual pleasure of couples, many women are looking for ways to quickly improve vaginal relaxation. Surgical treatment is one way, but there are now some drugs on the market. Our spirit is one of the period, but this new product, so we are most worried about whether in addition to effective, more afraid of side effects.

So, how effective, energy-saving, has no side effects, where to sell? This series of questions are concerned about energy-saving products to understand women. Next, the small series for everyone to answer it!

Energy-saving products:

With the recovery of virgin feelings, grasp the man mind! Virgin let you do not like our spirit woman, let you do not have the same temptation, let a man like the shadow following you!

Our spirit with Mimosa, Ligustrum lucidum and other thirty kinds of rare natural plants; the introduction of super concentrated liquid extraction of supercritical extraction technology of shell breaking international leading Co2 at low temperature; a new generation of women with the best scientific formula refined.

Our spirit is portable and easy to use, quick, non-toxic side effects etc..

[effect] in the vaginal environment within 3-5 minutes dissolved quickly, increased vaginal contraction, repair of vaginal intima, smooth the Yin; restore elasticity and softness; increase secretion, improve sexual function, eliminate sexual dysfunction and sexual apathy, and sterilization, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect. The long-term use of energy-saving can be significantly improved due to postpartum or other causes of vaginal relaxation, restore the girl status, improve the quality of life, eliminate the bad smell of secretions, prevent infectious diseases.

[usage] ten minutes before intercourse, take one of these tablets and insert them into the vagina.

[matters needing attention]

1, pregnant women, menstruation stop use.

2, vaginal trauma with caution.

Where is the energy-saving sell?

As for the energy-saving point of sale, usually in some pharmacies for sale. In addition, universal Taobao can find some related products.

Our spirit is effective, has no side effects?

Gynecological experts said: “the role of drugs is not good, it is recommended not to use drugs at random,” “anal drainage Qi” method can be very good exercise pelvic muscles.

The method is: every morning and evening in the place with fresh air, inhale deep breath. At the same time, such as tolerance big, urine shape contraction anus, so repeated 100 times. When you get used to it, you can do it in your daily life, not in the number of times, but in time.

After a certain time, the tension will greatly improve the pelvic muscles, the muscles around the vagina becomes rich and powerful, vaginal relaxation can recover for illness without medical help.

This article is edited and edited by female network (small) editor


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