Store sanitary napkins at risk, it is best to buy or use

Sanitary napkins are the necessities of adult women, each big aunt “reporting” less than one or two packs, more than three or four packs. But no matter how much or little, sanitary napkins are indispensable. In order to facilitate the use of many girls like a one-time purchase, store in the home for several months.

But we all do not know, in fact, sanitary napkins also have “fresh” period. If the sanitary napkin or wet storage for too long, even if it is not opened may also be affected by the pollution. Moreover, sanitary napkins have a certain period of validity, it is difficult to protect the last to store the sanitary napkin not more than the expiration date, so the sanitary napkin is the best buy or use every month.

After opening, it’s best to use up the month

Sanitary napkins directly affect the quality of women’s health, and therefore must be clean storage. That month, Kaifeng’s sanitary napkin is best to be used up that month. In case of rainy weather or rainy day, it should be dealt with as soon as possible”. Small partners in the South should pay attention to, and have experienced the rainy days of sanitary napkins, equivalent to wet underwear, easily lead to vaginitis. In addition, girls need to carry out sanitary napkins should pay attention to, can be placed on a cable beam port or zipper sealing bag storage, in addition, should pay attention to the cosmetics package stored separately.

How can I use disposable sanitary napkins?

If that month, if you can’t finish the used sanitary napkins, especially the pads, how should you keep them? After unpacking, sanitary napkins should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, or at least in a clean environment. But during this period, once the sanitary towel is damp, we can not use it any more. Of course, there are many products in the packaging design, has very humane consideration to this point, many products are used for sealing the cable bundle or multiple zipper sealing opening, so in a certain extent also reduces the risk of contamination of the sanitary towel.


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