How many abortions does a woman have in her life?

With the progress of society, along with the progress of science, with the progress of people’s thinking. In today’s age, women’s abortions have become a common occurrence. As long as a woman has a boyfriend, she may have had an abortion, which is also known as abortion. Abortion is very harmful to women, which may lead to lifelong infertility and a series of serious gynecological diseases. Please be careful.

At the request of abortion in unmarried women do, 57.1% suffering from genital tract infection; 1/3 for the first time move occurred before the age of 19, of which 8.9% occurred in the middle school, for the first time. The minimum number of years is only 13 years old; the number of cohorts of up to 16, but 9 very testing questions about sexual health knowledge is simple right, but only 1.2%…… This set of data with a sigh, a sexual and reproductive health examination from the Peking University Center for maternal and child health and the World Health Organization, survey of 10 hospitals in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Nanning and Shenzhen four cities of more than 2000 people requested unmarried women.

In this age of great information, you must be laughed at if you speak of an ignorant person. But if you think about what these numbers mean, I’m afraid no one can smile.

An obstetrician said: “a young woman in a small clinic at the time of delivery, placental adhesion in the womb, how also get down, but from our clinic near the hospital, when maternal was an emergency turn has been bleeding, we have decided to hysterectomy, maternal this was a narrow escape. Otherwise, she won’t be able to have her own child any more. The root cause of this high risk of childbirth is too frequent stream of people surgery.”

Another gynecologist said, “I once tested a 16 year old high school girl.”. Looks very fashionable (micro-blog) girl, but at the same time suffering from mold and trichomonas vaginitis, cervicitis, and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. I asked her sexual experience and common hygiene habits, and the girl with an angel’s face replied that she had sex two times during her menstruation and sometimes had no intention of cleaning the vulva without contraception! It was not only her body that made me sad, but also her nonchalant tone.”

Because of the defects of Chinese sexual education and the influence of social customs, many women’s sexual knowledge is specious. One educator cried out: “it would be a shame for civilized society to let teenagers test and experiment with themselves and learn distorted sex knowledge from pornographic products.”! Study notes, 21% female students of the sources of knowledge for all the friends of friends, if knowledge is wrong, may produce erroneous, misleading.

In the hospital interview, within a few minutes, the reporter saw a number of women in the gynecologist’s consulting room. The number of years they are about 20 years old, and can understand pregnancy test such as menstruation, contraception on the single laboratory, can speak organized taste, obviously the cultural level is not low, but they have a common adversity –

A woman’s life, that can withstand repeated abortion

November 25, 2006, a school in Sichuan, Mianyang, 19 year old girl small water (alias) alone to Mianyang high water hospital to do stream of people clamp surgery, the next day exacerbations, was sent to Mianyang 404 hospital, died. In the rescue process, the 404 hospital doctors found that the deceased’s uterus has perforated, the small intestine is also broken.

Why should a girl suddenly died? Doctors at Mianyang 404 hospital showed that the cause of his death was hemorrhagic shock, viral shock, uterine perforation, small bowel rupture, and cecal death”. Then, the doctor will remove the surgery has bad death of small intestine to families, and cut the entire small intestine has discoloration.

The doctor said the water was taken to the 404 hospital around 8:30 in the morning on November 26th. When the doctor asked him about the illness, she refused to say half a word. The doctor pressed, she said he had the abortion the day before, and asked the doctor for her privacy.

After his death, the family cleaned up her belongings and dug out a note from Li Yan in her pocket. Little water’s mother said, daughter stay study, they have nothing to do with her boyfriend.

In the “Li Yan” stream of people outpatient records, the doctor noted the implementation of the operation when the patient “nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and immediately stop surgery” and so on. The doctor immediately asked the patient to stay in the hospital for observation, but at 4:45 p.m., “the patient refused to stay and asked to go home, while the medical staff did not pay attention to the excuse to go to the toilet without permission to leave the hospital.””……

Although the families of the deceased are still doubtful about the authenticity of the record, but after all, the young body of the water has been cold, and many more tears and cries can not call back the delicate flower life.

“The body of a woman is like a piece of land,” says an obstetrician. “Rather than a norm and a lot of people, it’s like plowing and plowing without restraint and without limit.”. After a period of time, the fertile land becomes barren.”

Another gynecologist said: “during the operation, I sometimes give a little weight to the less caring young girls.”. I will teach them some lessons without hurting them and completing the operation successfully. Because the pain, will have a lesson.”

Yes, learned a lesson, and will know how to protect themselves, do not let the body to suffer damage time after time. Don’t wait until the worst happened to come to regret, and.

The rate of miscarriage was 44.1%, and 54% of married women still did not take any contraceptive steps. Among women who lost their lives in abortion, 77% of professional women took the contraceptive step because they were honored.

Some data you might not understand:

In 2006, data released by Shanghai Oriental Television showed that 5%~10% boys and 3%~8% girls had sexual experiences in adolescents under the age of 19. Meanwhile, a survey by the Beijing women’s Federation showed that 8% of the 13~19 year olds surveyed had sex and 3% had been pregnant.

Younger pregnancy has become a phenomenon that can not be ignored. Another phenomenon that can not be ignored is the repeated miscarriage rate of women.

In this respect, married career women are not necessarily more knowledgeable than unmarried girls. According to a statistics in Shanghai, 54% of married women did not take any contraceptive measures despite two or more miscarriages of repetition at 44.1%. Among women who fail to make abortions, 77% of career women have taken contraceptive measures because they are lucky.

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