What tests are needed before induction of labor?

Induced labor refers to the use of artificial methods to promote the delivery of pregnant women, before induction of labor need to undergo rigorous preoperative examination, check everything is normal, before induction of labor can be carried out.

The examination of the induction of labor:

1. detailed medical history, including past history, history of bleeding, history of liver and kidney disease, menstrual history, pregnancy, delivery history and the course of this pregnancy.

2., general examination and gynecological examination, leucorrhea routine test.

3. measuring body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, blood test, urine routine test, when necessary, liver and kidney function, chest X-ray and electrocardiogram examination.

4., severe cervicitis or secretions, need to be treated first, pending the improvement of the condition can be carried out; preoperative antibiotics to prevent infection. Secretion culture and drug sensitivity test should be done when necessary.

5., pregnancy month big, cervical dysplasia, Miyaguchi Ko, neck tube elders, preoperative need to give certain drugs.

6., when necessary, B ultrasound localization of placenta, low placenta is taboo.


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