Menstruation does not come how to recuperate long menstruation does not change the method that nursed back to health?

How does menstruation do not come recuperate? The women’s health network will tell you how to keep your menstrual irregularities for a long time. Irregular menstruation, common gynecological diseases. Abnormal menstrual cycle or bleeding or abdominal pain and symptoms before menstruation and menstruation. The cause of the disease may be organic or functional disorders. Many systemic diseases, such as blood diseases, hypertension, liver diseases, endocrine diseases, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidiform mole, genital tract infection, tumor (such as ovarian tumor, uterine fibroids) can cause menstrual disorders.

– prevent cold

We must pay attention to the menstrual period not wading in the rain, whenever you can avoid the stomach cold.

Eat more iron and tonic foods

Add enough iron to prevent iron deficiency anemia. Eat chicken, mutton, shrimp, shrimp roe, sheep, kidney, mussels, sea cucumber, black beans, walnuts and other nutritious food.

Adjust your attitude

If your menstrual disorder is due to setbacks, stress caused by, then you have to adjust their attitude. And if you have irregular menstruation, it is also necessary to maintain a good state of mind.

Try to make your life regular

Stay up late, overwork, irregular life will lead to irregular menstruation. Make your life regular, and your period may return to normal.

When necessary, go to the doctor

If the continuous bleeding does not decrease after 24 hours, and the amount of bleeding is large or if there is no menstruation, the horse should go up to see the doctor.


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