How does the embryo stop developing after the pregnancy? Does the embryo stop developing and abort?

A new life starts from the date of birth of the need to experience a long process in order to grow into a healthy baby, if the fetus is affected by some factors in the matrix, its growth and development will be directly limited.

In medical cases, the development of fetal death or fetal death occurs from time to time, so pregnant women should not be careless during pregnancy. So what exactly is the reason why embryos stop growing? What happens if the embryo stops growing?

How does the embryo stop developing after the pregnancy? Does the embryo stop developing and abort?1

How does the embryo stop growing?

The cause of the development of a pregnant embryo

1. abnormal immune system in pregnant women

There is a complex and specific immunological relationship between the fetus and the fetus. This relationship prevents the embryo and fetus from being rejected. If the mother fetus immune between the two sides can not adapt, it can cause maternal rejection of the fetus, and prevent embryonic development, that is, immune rejection”.

2. reproductive endocrine factors in pregnant women

Early embryonic development requires the maintenance of 3 important hormone levels, namely estrogen, progesterone, and chorionic gonadotropin. If the mother’s own endogenous hormones are not enough, it will cause the embryo to stop developing.

3. the factors of the embryo itself

Such as chromosomal abnormalities, or in the early stages of embryonic development of some important organs without the normal formation, this belongs to natural selection, namely “survival of the fittest, liezhe eliminated”.

4. external adverse factors

Such as trauma, overwork, and mental stimulation; taking drugs that affect embryonic development; exposure to toxic chemicals, inferior decoration materials; exposure to radiation or large amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

5. placental dysplasia

Fetal growth and development in the mother, mainly through the placenta, the maternal nutrients and oxygen lost to the fetus, if the placenta dysplasia or disease, the fetus will not get nutrients and oxygen and stop growing.

6. systemic diseases in pregnant women

Such as: severe diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, viral hepatitis, severe anemia, chronic nephritis or maternal malnutrition, especially vitamin deficiency, as well as mercury, lead, alcohol poisoning; pregnant women infected with the virus, rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus and Toxoplasma gondii or suffering from acute infectious disease influenza and typhoid fever, pneumonia and other diseases; reproductive organs, such as uterine malformation, myoma of uterus or uterine cavity adhesion.

Two, fetal stop development, how to do?

1. singleton pregnancy: after the diagnosis “stillbirth”, usually will induce labor, because stillbirth in the womb for too long without treatment, will have adverse effects on the mother. Usually stillborn time over more than four weeks pregnant, there will be blood coagulation dysfunction complications. No delivery should do about the blood coagulation function examination, to determine whether the complications of DIC.

2., multiple pregnancy: if one of the first intrauterine fetal death, can generally observe the waiting, pregnant women often have a decrease in fibrinogen and platelets, and then returned to normal on its own. Once the fibrinogen drops to 2g/L, the fetus is expected to survive and labor should be induced immediately.

How does the embryo stop developing after the pregnancy? Does the embryo stop developing and abort?2

How does the embryo stop growing?

Three, how to prevent fetal stop development?

1. proper rest

Adjust the heavy work load, or else it will increase premature birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, and his chance of stunting.

2. pay attention to epidemic diseases

There are some infectious diseases, not only cause aborted, and even if the fetus survived, but also causes severe sequelae, so during the epidemic, should avoid going to the public places, to avoid being infected.

3. relax

No matter whether you are around yourself or your friends, you may not be able to stop pregnancy because of this excessive worry. Stress and stress can lead to an imbalance of the endocrine system, which is detrimental to the development of the fetus and the fetus.

4. on time inspection

There is general embryo fetal heart in about 8 weeks, stop child education phenomenon in 8-12 week is likely to occur, so that when pregnant women in 8 weeks or so best to do B, in order to check the fetus and placenta of early development of the situation. If there is a fetal heart, it can be more or less assured.

5. pre pregnancy care

It is suggested that both sides accept the examination of chromosome, the woman should do blood group identification, the male will do the examination of reproductive system, and the patient with germ disease will need complete treatment. If luteal function is not complete, use the medication for more than 10 weeks. Avoid exposure to toxic substances and radiation. Consider the pregnancy after 3 months of complete health. Attention should be paid to diet before pregnancy, from 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months of pregnancy, every day to add 0.4 mg of folic acid.


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