After pregnancy how to live a good husband and wife sex life?

Normally, a woman is pregnant and says she can’t live with her husband and wife, but few couples do so without having sex in October. In fact, now the doctor’s advice is, as long as it does not affect the fetus, during pregnancy can be married and sexual life, after pregnancy, how to live a good husband and wife sex life?

Sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy

The first 3 months of pregnancy, because the endocrine function of pregnant women have changed, the embryo is in the developmental stage, especially the connection of placental and maternal uterine wall at this time is not tight enough, if sexual life, probably because of improper actions or excessive excitement, so that the uterus was being shaken, let off, placental hemorrhage, cause abortion. Even if the sex life is very careful, but due to pelvic congestion, contraction of the uterus, but also prone to miscarriage.

Sexual life in the second trimester

In the second trimester (about 4 to 7 months), the placenta of pregnant women has been formed, the pregnancy is stable, and the response to early pregnancy has passed. At this point, the pregnant woman’s mood began to become more comfortable. Sexual organs are also increased secretions, sexual desire is relatively high period, so couples can enjoy sexual life properly. But still have to be modest, pay attention to the position and time of sexual life, to avoid the impact on the fetus.

At this point the placenta has amniotic fluid as a barrier, can buffer the external stimuli, so that the fetus has been effectively protected, reducing accidents. Dr. Lin Huiwen believes that sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education, and that sexual life in the second trimester is also beneficial to conjugal love and the healthy development of the fetus. There are also domestic and foreign research pointed out that couples in pregnancy to the happy sex life, the children born fast response, language development early, and good health.

However, it is worth noting that pregnant women in this period of the amniotic membrane in the amniotic fluid volume increased, the tension of the fetal membranes gradually increased, at this time the most important thing is to maintain the stability of the uterus, protect the normal environment of the fetus. If the number of sexual life is too much, the force is relatively large, oppression of pregnant women abdominal, fetal membranes will be broken early. The umbilical cord may also fall from the breach to the vagina, or even outside the vagina. This will affect the fetus’s nutrition and oxygen delivery, and even cause death, or cause miscarriage. Even if the membrane is not broken, not abortion, may also make the sub bureaucratic infection. Severe infections can cause fetal death. Mild infections can also affect fetal intelligence and development

Sexual life at the end of pregnancy

After 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus significantly increased, pregnant women in the period of rapid expansion of the stomach, resulting in low back pain, the body is too lazy to move, sexual desire decreased. Dr. Lin Huiwen said, this time between husband and wife should be reduced as much as possible of life, if you want to have sex, you must control, and pay attention to posture, but also control the frequency and duration of life, action should not be rude and deeply, so as to avoid accidents.


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