Do you know how much your woman angry?

Often hear people say, to maintain a good attitude, especially pregnant women, if you are often angry during pregnancy, it will lead to fetal health. So, how big is the impact of a woman’s anger on her health? What can affect it? Let’s see below:

1, myocardial hypoxia, a large number of blood rushed to the brain and face, will supply the heart of the blood and reduce the lack of oxygen caused by myocardial hypoxia. The heart had to work twice as it needed to meet its physical needs, and its heartbeat was more irregular and more lethal.

2, cause hyperthyroidism anger, endocrine system disorder, make the thyroid secretion of hormone increase, over time will lead to hyperthyroidism.

3, when the liver is angry, the body will secrete a substance called catecholamine, which acts on the central nervous system, increases blood sugar, strengthens the fatty acid decomposition, and increases the toxin in the blood and liver cells correspondingly.

4, when the lung emotional impulse, respiratory shortness, and even excessive ventilation phenomenon. The alveoli expand constantly and do not have time to contract, and they do not get proper relaxation and rest, thus endangering the health of the lungs.

5, long stain, angry when the blood poured into the head, so the blood oxygen will be reduced, toxins increased. And toxins will stimulate hair follicles, causing hair follicles around the range of varying degrees of inflammation, resulting in pigmentation problems.

6, gastric ulcer anger can cause sympathetic nerve excitation, and directly act on the heart and blood vessels, so that the gastrointestinal blood flow decreased, peristalsis slowed, appetite worse, serious stomach ulcers.

7, the acceleration of brain cell aging, a large number of blood flow to the brain, will increase the pressure of the cerebral vessels. At this time, the blood contains the most toxins, oxygen at least, as much as the brain cells – “poison.””.


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