Which situation must not be pregnant, some patients are more careful pregnancy

Motherhood is a natural right for every woman, and when a woman marries, she wants to have a baby. In today’s society, and in the past have been greatly different, children pay more attention to eugenics, do not pay attention to the child’s weight, but pay attention to the child’s quality.

Seeing other people’s children lively and intelligent, many women also want to have such a lovely child. However, some conditions are not suitable for conception, otherwise it will not only reduce the quality of the embryo, but also endanger the health of the mother.

Which situation must not be pregnant, some patients are more careful pregnancy1

Under what circumstances can never conceive?

One, absolutely cannot conceive of a few kinds of circumstance

1. after preterm birth, miscarriage

Women in the preterm, abortion, endometrial trauma, if immediately pregnant, prone to miscarriage and habitual abortion, so the first miscarriage or premature birth after at least six months after the pregnancy.

2. lack of nutrition

Lack of pre pregnancy nutrition, fetal early pregnancy there is no good nutritional supplements, affecting fetal development. Therefore, before pregnancy, women need nutritional supplements.

3. when emotionally depressed

In the case of heavy mental burden, the physiological function will be affected, resulting in lower quality of eggs and sperm. Moreover, after pregnant women will also affect the hormone secretion of the mother because of emotional stimulation, thus affecting the growth and development of the fetus. Therefore, any party in a bad mood, should do contraception.

4. when fatigue is over

By the end of the year, both sides were tired of working overtime, or were busy with their marriage during the new marriage, consuming excessive physical exertion, resulting in a decrease in the quality of sperm and eggs.

5. after stopping the birth control pill

Can be pregnant for at least 3 months after drug withdrawal, it is best to stop after six months of pregnancy; if you are using a contraceptive ring, you should take the ring after twice after pregnancy.

6. during smoking and drinking

Nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in alcohol can damage sperm cells and eggs. Women who smoke regularly and drink alcohol are better off 2~3 months after quitting smoking and drinking. The husband had better quit smoking and drinking 1 months before his wife’s pregnancy.

7. conceive during illness

People in the period of illness, the body will be relatively weak, not only affect the physique, but also affect the quality of fertilized eggs and the implantation environment in the uterus. Moreover, when the disease occurs, if the medicine is taken, the medicine will also affect the quality of the sperm and the egg, and seriously lead to a fetal defect, so do not blindly conceive when taking the medicine.

Two, women who need careful conception

1. diabetes. Pregnant women suffer from diabetes, which can cause miscarriage, premature birth, and sometimes fetal death. The ratio of this extra macrosomia to an abnormal child will also increase. Consult your doctor for pregnancy according to your condition.

Which situation must not be pregnant, some patients are more careful pregnancy2

Under what circumstances can never conceive?

2. vaginitis. Vaginitis has a variety of, more is caused by Candida infection. If the disease is delivered, it will infect the fetus and cause the disease of the thrush.

3. anemia. Severe anemia, not only pregnant women suffering from pregnancy, but also affect the development of the fetus, is not conducive to postpartum recovery. If there is anemia in food intake, to fully iron and protein and iron supplementation, anemia treatment, pregnancy.

4. kidney disease. Patients with renal disease once pregnant, with the pregnancy continues to aggravate the condition, causing miscarriage, premature delivery, and some have to terminate pregnancy. According to the degree and symptoms of kidney disease, consult a doctor if you can have pregnancy.

5. tuberculosis. TB is transmitted directly to the fetus, so it must be cured before pregnancy.

6. liver disease. After pregnancy, the liver burden increases, such as liver disease, liver disease will worsen, such as serious illness will terminate the pregnancy, such as the condition is not serious, under the guidance of the doctor, you can continue the pregnancy.

7. heart disease. Dysfunction of the heart can cause blood disorders, causing abnormal placental blood vessels, leading to miscarriage and premature delivery, and threatening the health and life of the pregnant woman. So be sure to treat and listen to the doctor’s advice before you get pregnant.

8. hypertension. Hypertensive patients are prone to pregnancy induced hypertension and become critically ill. Those who are not clear about their blood pressure should go to the hospital for severe headache, shoulder pain, insomnia, dizziness, and swelling.

9. cystitis, pyelonephritis. Cystitis can develop into acute pyelonephritis, cystitis symptom has frequent micturition, dysuria and urine do etc.. Women suffering from cystitis must be cured before they are pregnant.


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