Does the woman smoke affect menstruation? What harm does the woman often smoke?

The name of the cigarette carries a word “joss stick”, but the smell is different from person to person. For people who do not smoke, the smell of cigarettes is too unpleasant to breathe normally, but for those who smoke, the smell of cigarettes is very impressive.

In modern society, women have the habit of smoking, many girls will enjoy the cigarette smoke secretly bring comfortable. However, female physiological special, every month will come menstruation, smoking will cause harm to women’s health?

Does the woman smoke affect menstruation? What harm does the woman often smoke?1

Does a woman smoke affect her menstruation?

One of the dangers of smoking women: menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea

The nicotine in tobacco can reduce the amount of female sex hormone secretion, thus interfering with the physiological process associated with menstruation, the menstruation delay, menstrual disorders, menopausal syndrome coming, amenorrhea or the amount of rare, serious or even affect the pregnancy; in addition, compared with non-smokers, smoking 10 to 30 cigarettes in women the risk of dysmenorrhea, the rate is 2 times that of the former. Women who smoked for 10 to 20 years were 3 times more likely to suffer from dysmenorrhea than smokers. Smoking caused contraction of the blood vessels and decreased blood flow to the uterus, resulting in dysmenorrhea and convulsions.

The risk of smoking women two: susceptible to AIDS

The effect of smoking on the immune system is mainly manifested. Smoking can significantly reduce the activation of immune cells CD4 and lymphocytes. Smoking can affect the vagina, cervix, and the immune system and decrease immunity. As a result, smokers are more likely to suffer from AIDS than non-smokers.

Women smoke three risk: stroke and cancer risk increased

Women who smoke 1-4 cigarettes a day are 1 times more likely to suffer strokes than non-smoking women. Over 5 cigarettes are 5 times larger. In addition to the high risk of stroke, women who smoke are also prone to cancer. According to statistics, women who smoke are 40% more likely to suffer from breast cancer than those who do not smoke and are 28 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer. The risk of cervical cancer is 50% higher, because smokers lack the cells of Langerhans’s cells in their uterus, which can strengthen the immune system when the body is threatened with a virus or chemical product.

Women smoke four: premature aging

Nicotine in cigarettes can stimulate the microvascular spasm, contraction, so that the skin blood supply, inadequate oxygen, affecting normal metabolism, accelerate aging. Smoking women tend to be more dry, rough, flexible, wrinkled, gray and gaunt, often making them look older than they really are. Women who smoke smoke tend to be more senile, wrinkled and gray in color than non-smoking women. Especially, the wrinkles of the upper and lower lip and the angle of mouth were increased obviously.

The risk of smoking women five: susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis

Smoking women have an almost two times as much chance of developing early-onset rheumatoid arthritis as non-smokers. Dr Kenneth and his colleagues at the University of Birmingham SEG Alabama analyzed the health records of more than 30000 women 55-69 years of age found that compared to the current women and never smoking still smoking women, the former suffering from early onset rheumatoid arthritis opportunities are almost two times higher than the latter.

Does the woman smoke affect menstruation? What harm does the woman often smoke?2

Does a woman smoke affect her menstruation?

The harm of women smoking: six, the malformation rate of babies increased significantly

The rate of deformity in women who give birth to babies is 2-3 times that of non-smoking women, including 73% of congenital heart disease and twice the risk of leukemia. In addition, as the incidence of anencephaly and dementia were significantly higher. Among the children born of smoking women, the ratio of mentally handicapped and mentally ill is also significant.

Women smoke seven: easy to cause miscarriage

The rate of abortion was more than twice that of non pregnant women who smoked 10 or more per day. The rate of premature birth was two times higher in women who did not smoke. According to new research, the greater the number of pregnant women who smoke, the more likely their children will be arrested for violent crimes in the future.

Women smoke eight: reduce milk secretion

Smoking can reduce the secretion of milk, nicotine can also enter the milk with the blood. Women who smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day can separate 0, 4-0, and 5 mg of nicotine in 1 kilograms of milk. This poses a serious threat to the health of the baby.


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