Women should not be pregnant at ten points

At present, each couple can only have one child, so now each couple will be prepared before pregnancy, in order to give birth to a healthy and lively baby. But what do you need to do in order to be healthy and active? What are the things that need attention? And gynecological experts believe that the need to do before pregnancy is the best time to conceive and not pregnant time must master. Here, experts point out how long it is not appropriate to conceive, as follows:

Do not conceive within half a year after taking birth control pills

Women who take long-term oral contraceptives are allowed to conceive at least six months after the withdrawal.

Radiation during the larger period of work should not be pregnant

Because the reproductive cells are very sensitive to X-rays and highly toxic substances. It is more appropriate to conceive at least one month after complete contact with radioactive substances and highly toxic substances, so as not to give birth to deformed fetuses.

Should not be pregnant within half a year after miscarriage or preterm birth

Women in the preterm, abortion, endometrial trauma, immediately pregnant, easy to relapse, and the formation of habitual abortion, generally in half a year after the pregnancy is better.

Do not conceive during smoking or drinking

Women who smoke regularly and drink alcohol are better off 2~3 months after quitting smoking and drinking. The husband had better quit smoking and drinking a month before his wife’s conception.

Do not conceive during periods of supercooling or overheating

Because early pregnancy, fetal brain is the initial formation of the stage, the weather will affect the appetite, leading to reduced protein intake, the body consumption is large, will affect the development of fetal brain. Severe cold season, pregnant women in indoor activities, less fresh air, exposure to respiratory viruses increased opportunities for colds and damage to the fetus. And the best season is to choose in spring or fall, the pleasant climate, but also conducive to the growth of children.

You should not conceive in a bad mood

Because once people are in anxiety and depression or heavy ideological burden of mental state, will not only affect the quality of sperm or eggs, even will after conception due to emotional stimuli and effects of maternal hormones, fetal restlessness, irritability, affect the growth and development, and even abortion.

You should not conceive on your honeymoon

Before honeymoon, because both sexes make arrangements for marriage, courtesy and social intercourse, they are tired and exhausted. They lose the quality of sperm and eggs, which is not conducive to eugenics.

You should not conceive during your journey

Because of no rules during the trip and living, the cerebral cortex often in the excited state, coupled with excessive fatigue and bumpy journey, can affect fetal growth or eggs caused by pregnancy uterine contraction, cause abortion or threatened abortion.

You should not conceive during your illness

Because the disease can affect the quality of the Constitution and the quality of fertilized eggs and the implantation environment in the womb, the drugs taken during the disease may also have adverse effects on sperm and eggs.


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